Multi Theft Auto

Multi Theft Auto 2.0

A multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto

Play the older GTA games like Vice City and San Andreas by incorporating the modification enabling multiplayer matches, team-based missions, voice chats for players on the servers, etc. Visuals are also modified by adding ENB-like scripts. Key mapping for special features is possible.

Multi Theft Auto provides the best online Grand Theft Auto experience there is.
-Custom shaders: Enhance your visual experience with ENB-like scripts that are cooler than the other side of the pillow.
- Voice Chat: Keep your hands on the wheel and off the chatbox with all new Voice chat support! Servers with voice enabled will allow you to communicate with other players using the Z key.
- Increased player count: Push your RPG server to the max. The MTA server has an increased cap of 1024 players.

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